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29 Aug 2010

Sweet Paul

A lot of my inspiration and excitement comes from reading (many!) amazing blogs and I wanted to recommend one of them to you. You may have come across it already, but just in case you haven't or just to remind you of its fabulousness...
I give you the all treasure trove that is Sweet Paul- my favorites are 'Crafty Friday'!
So many brilliant DIY ideas that even I can cope with both budget-wise and skill-wise!
And 'Recipe Monday' comes a close second! So delicious looking!
I'd like to start with my personal favorites- the jumper covered chair and vases:

Second hand book vases- so easy and so cool.

A lovely doily scarf- all you need is a sewing machine and doilies!

A teapot lamp- made much easier than it looks by Paul!

Such a simple, stunning idea for a Christmas (or any time!) decoration- clear baubles and feathers.
Make your own Delft vases with this idea using print-your-own transfers.

More gorgeous blue and white! This time in the shape of a DIY corsage/boutonniere/brooch.

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