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23 Aug 2010

London Baby!

A little trip up to London to get me out of a little creative rut....
Starting with Alfie's Antiques Market-
perfect for AMAZING 20th century furniture and interiors pieces.
Way out of my price range but also fantastically way out. Just what I needed.

Then on to Gray's Antiques...vintage jewellery anyone? A great place for colour inspiration.

Some great Selfridges windows showcasing exactly how creative one can be with cardboard. I obviously need both to simplify my ideas- one material is enough!- and be a lot braver with my ideas!

This one uses pages from old books to make a stunningly intricate paper-chateau.

I lOVE Moschino's velvet splattered fruit! I want some in my living room!

Bulk buying of the red Chanels do ya' think? Maybe they do family discount...Whenever I'm in London, I'm reminded of exactly how much money is still floating around. I can't deny that I did think that the red of these 55.'s was a bold choice- no practical safe black for them! And I admire that everyday bravery. Or they could just have sixteen other colours at home?
Am I being naive or judgemental? Help! Sometimes I wish I could just go back to thinking 'OOOooo pretty bags'!

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