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26 May 2009

25 May 2009

Dy(e)ing for new shoes

Possibly the most boring DIY ever but a very useful one!! These grey pumps were scuffed to hell and I reallly needed some new black ones. Bought me some leather dye for £3.99 and got dyeing. Its kinda addictive and now I want to dye all my shoes - even offered my services to everyone at work!

21 May 2009

Topshop does Alexander

Alexander Wang anyone??
(Source: Topshop)


I love this dress. I'm pretty sure they copied it for Elizabeth and James in different colours. This one is so much better though.

20 May 2009

Label I'm Lovin: ASHISH

Ok, I realise these are (slightly) crazy and I wouldn't been seen dead in coloured zebra print leggings but somehow I love the different elements that make up these looks. I guess Ashish is just feeding my new found love for mixing it up printwise.

(Source: Ashish)

Mixing Print

Masha Novoselova in Harper's Bazaar May 2009

Liu Wen in Vogue China June 2009

Print and Sparkle courtesy of Style Copycat

I'm scared of wearing so many busy pieces at once but it just looks so effortless and well, DAMN GOOD! I'm going to have to fight the fear and start getting creative.

Coco on the Lido - Chanel Resort 2010

(Source: style.com)

I love this lady - Iris Apfel

She inspires me to not give a F*^&

(Source: style.com)

19 May 2009

Birdy and Me in Cream Magazine

Photographer: Macushla Burke
Illustrator: Kelly Smith
Stylist: Sher Tualla
Model: Rhia @ Viviens

This shoot has a real sass&bide feel to it no? This girl is an amazing illustrator.

(Source: ksjdesign)

18 May 2009

Spotlight on head gear

Still want long hair ... Still haven't got it.

(Source: sassandbide.com; Harper and Harley)

14 May 2009


I'm loving me a bit of shoulder action! Really wanted to post this ages ago but wasn't sure about the boobage. Obviously shoulders are big atm (literally) but I like these variations on drawing attention to the shoulder area. May be inspired to do a little shoulder DIYing.

(Source: sassandbide.com; tfs)

10 May 2009

Donning the Dirndl

Vanessa Traina courtesy of Le Fashion

Camille of childhoodflames

Camilla Alves at Chloe Opening in LA courtesy of style.com

Me in Oxfam's finest last May. Lovely wool dirndl for a cool £2.