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30 Mar 2009

3 days ...

Two friends, heels and a rocky beach ... loves it.

(Source: Elle Magazine)

29 Mar 2009

I officially heart Jen

I have to admit, it's the hair that really does it for me.

(Source: hoyphotography)

27 Mar 2009

My love of the Man Pant

I have to say that I've loved the idea of the rolled up man pant and heels combo for years now, but I'm loving it even more now that everyone's doing it (just a bit sad i know). I think a fierce jacket and killer shoes are key.

(Source: garancedore)

24 Mar 2009

22 Mar 2009

The heat is on

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Harper's Bazaar April 2009 Editorial
Photographer: Mari Sarai

It is love.

21 Mar 2009

"but you're a mouse not a girl!"

I was so mad when I missed this Peter Jensen Mickey ears beenie from Topshop so when I saw these ears in a joke shop ... you know the rest ... I had to buy them.

8 Mar 2009

Thoughtless Dressing

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My fav looks from Isabel Marant Fall 2009. This is the kind of easy dressing I crave. Her no fuss, i've-just-thrown-this-on style really appeals to me. Now to tone those legs ... powerplates anyone??

(source: style.com)

5 Mar 2009

My affair with hair.

So you get it, I'm lusting after length at the minute.

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