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20 May 2011

Bruce Davidson

If I could have anyone's career, it would be photographer Bruce Davidson's. I especially love the first and the last photos...

1 May 2011


Little Brass Fly Figurine from sarakatehuff.

Oh my God. This is so cool I think I just bought it ... with my mind. Don't click on the link ... cus you can't have it!!!

You can have him though

Happy Sunday!

Emma H x
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27 Apr 2011

I know what we did last summer

I found these photos the other day from a photo shoot with did with the amazing Steve George last summer and thought I would share them now. I love the Zara jacket I'm wearing here although I have to admit I chickened out a few days later and took it back! It just seemed too bold, which seems so strange now considering that I have happily been wearing electric blue trousers (also Zara I'm afraid- I struggled against them in an effort to stay ethical but longed for some bright colour in my wardrobe and couldn't find a reasonable fairtrade alternative. I'm going to have to invoke the 'I'll wear them to death' excuse!) and am eyeing up some bright orange clothes. What a difference a year makes....
I'm glad to know that I've become braver, even if it is just with my clothes!

26 Apr 2011

Be My Baby

Just because Ms Paradis- Depp is and was so cool. And because both of these videos somehow fit with the warm weather and long bank holidays.

5 Apr 2011


Peacebomb bracelets from Article 22...what an amazing idea.
Reclaimed bombs from Laos handcrafted into bracelets.

'Buy back the bomb'.
So simple, so filled with meaning.
Love the pictures too..

You can read the whole story and buy the bracelets at Article 22.