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31 Oct 2010

A tribute for the late, great Gregory Isaacs.
PS: I love our new header! Thanks Suze!

23 Oct 2010

A Peace Treaty

I think I love every single item that A Peace Treaty have on their website....you  have to check it out. 
Just leave something for me to buy please.

20 Oct 2010

Aje. Hope Ring

Give Fashion. Give Love. Give Hope. The message on the box I received in the mail last week from my most gorgeous best friend in Australia after seeing this photo of her Hope ring on facebook and hinting heavily in the comments. Aussie brand Sportsgirl teamed up with fresh Aussie designers to raise awareness of eating disorders and positive body image in Australia. All profits from the sale of their Hope range go to The Butterfly Foundation National Support Line to help individual sufferers.

11 Oct 2010

Steve George Photography!

Thank you Steve for helping me to take these amazing pictures of beautiful, beautiful Emma H., totally rocking her People Tree Esme cardi and her bright red Pachacuti fedora. 
I love the idea of a red hat in the grey winter.

10 Oct 2010

Goodbye Jeans

A few weeks ago I sorted out my cupboard- put away summer clothes (boohoo), dug out my winter clothes (boohoo, but also why is it that I love jumpers so much?) and decided that I rely way too much on jeans. I love clothes and really believe in their power as a form of expression but I'm so damn LAZY! I don't take the time to plan and I allow myself to fall back on JEANS! I don't even feel very comfortable in jeans, they never fit me very well, I haven't yet found a pair I find really flattering, and I've shelled out money for expensive brands as well. So I've had it! I've washed my jeans and put them away. 
Now I just have to find some black trousers to replace the lazy-jeans-hole in my wardrobe.

3 Oct 2010

Meryl Streep muses...

I watch a lot of movies. I love to disappear into a film or tv series so that I don't even notice the time flying by. Sometimes, all this watching and absorption is just a healthy desire for entertainment, education or inspiration...quite often though I suspect it is more about me trying to stick my head in the sand and not face up to the things I need to get done, and the things I want to achieve.
As a result, I have recently tried to cut back on my viewing behaviour and the inevitable sideline of celebrity gossip.
Meryl Streep however merits a slip back into my imaginary film-fuelled world-
not only have I enjoyed most of the films she's chosen to be in, I always feel when I am watching her or reading an interview of hers that I am in the presence of intelligence, humour and integrity. This speech that I found of a commencement speech she gave at Barnard Women's College only confirms that. She has some interesting things to say about acting, women and Hollywood.
And she talks about our desire for fantasy, pretending and stories which I always feel so strongly-
desires that I believe are also played out through clothing and design.
I feel like that's part of what Em H. and I are trying to do here-
underline the importance of design but also find ways to explore it and indulge in it with integrity.

2 Oct 2010

YOUR skirt's sister! Nomads Fair Trade

Contrary to what you might be thinking after this post (and this one) Emma J and I don't usually make a habit of finding siblings for each other's clothes. However after snooping through Nomads' winter collection online I came across not one but two sisters for Emma J's skirt from this post. As Emma J said, I've never really been into Nomads as I've found them altogether too 'hippy' for my liking but I do love the print on this organic cotton skirt (it comes in leggings too but hmmm, I don't think so). Nomads have been going for over 20 years and adhere to Fair Trade principles in their manufacturing. They have recently starting using organic cotton as it becomes more readily available in India.