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3 Sep 2010

Even Educated Fleas Do It...

...let's do it! Let's do a 'Fall Wish List'! A la Vogue.
School starting back up has forever instilled in all of us the feeling of start-a-fresh-September.
 Kids see it in terms of new teachers, new friends and new notebooks. The weather sees it as gathering clouds. And adults tend to see it as...time to buy a whole load more stuff!
 Women in particular are prone to this tendency, largely encouraged by generations of fashion magazines. Despite my desire not to accumulate unethical, badly made clothes, and accessories...
I have to admit to being prone to the same hopeful search, every season, 
for the apparel that will make me anew.
Here is my round-up for Autumn, featuring Fairtrade, recycled, ethical and organic items.

Love this People Tree dress and cardi together.
Nomad skirt, amazing print.
One of my long-time loves- Dirty Librarian Chains' Archive necklace- made from recycled chains.
Still saving my pennies for this one. 
Nomad again- most of their items are a little bit too boho for me but I love the colour of this dress.
Chic People Tree.
More People Tree- eat your heart out Sonia Rykiel!
Beautiful, useful and out of my price range- Mociun cardigan.
Amazing Mociun scarf- I am scarf OBSESSED and this one would fit right in!
Again a little out of my price range but maybe a good investment piece?!


Bliss said...

umm... love that scarf please get it, totes an investment piece. How much is it?? I may just have to purchase it myself.

Stacy said...

Firstly, love the ode to jazz (Ella's rendition?) in the title. Secondly, The Mociun Scarf is now on my own wish list...