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19 Sep 2010

Fair Trade from ASOS?

Autumn is most definitely upon us and that mental urge to go on a manic shopping spree for snug winter staples is starting to fester in my brain (Emma J recently blogged about it so i am so not alone). However as I am abstaining from buying from the high street this winter I'm having to satiate my irrational cravings elsewhere.

Top of my wishlist is this ASOS Africa fair trade blanket cape. Love wearing bedding outdoors. Seriously.

I'd heard about ASOS Africa but was kinda dubious about fair trade and um, ASOS. but i checked it out and it checks out ... so far as google tells me. The garments are made by SOKO in Kenya a social enterprise partly founded by smaller fair trade brand la lesso. There is loads more to love but my bank account simply won't allow it. Is it ok to not pay your water bill in favour of buying clothes?? I think so.

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