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4 Aug 2009


Wouldn't mind these to go with my red dresses with kimono/bell sleeves:
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(Source: Sea of Shoes - how DOES she afford all these! So young!)


Red dresses with kimono/bell sleeves. Yes I know, I'm obsessed.

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(Source: ?)

3 Aug 2009


So they haven't sent me the pics yet but thought I'd post Cate Blanchette looking gorgeous in my favourite style of dress at Vogue Australia's 50th Anniversary party.
Vogue Australias 50th Anniversary Party

Vogue Australias 50th Anniversary Party

2 Aug 2009

I'm back

I've been bored ... and I couldn't post because I was bored. BUT went buying for my shop today ... finding fair trade fashion is hard but found a couple of gems. An amazing new fair trade shoe label called Where, i think you'll go nuts for it. Waiting to get some pics sent through tonight and then I will post tomorrow ... I am SO excited!

1 Aug 2009

"Cost per wear" shopping

This was an interesting article on ethicalstyle.com considering I use this to justify well, most things! Click here to read.