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30 Nov 2009

Idee Geniale & Handwoven too

The exquisite author of Idee Geniale featured one of my outfits (below)on her blog in 'Bright Ideas' back in August - I was extremely flattered to get a shout out from someone so utterly original (and a chictopia style icon - swoon!). View her post (and her blog) here.

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Ikat shift dress - People Tree, Wedges - John Rocha, Jacket - Zara, Silver Cuffs - various bazaars and markets

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The fabric for the very dress I'm wearing being handwoven by a member of Folk Bangladesh, a People Tree Fair Trade partner.

Hand weaving is the second largest industry in countries like India, surpassed only by agriculture (that's huge!), providing invaluable income for millions of families. Hand operated looms create 9x more jobs than using a power loom and are completely carbon neutral.

It's not often that we're so connected to the people who make our clothes - seeing this picture makes the dress feel even more special. I get a real sense of pride from wearing things I know make a difference in people's lives.

29 Nov 2009

Quote of the week

"Beauty must be defined as what we are,
or else the concept itself is our enemy."


Tonight I ...

...have a well-deserved date with the couch, my cat, (a cold) and an open jar of peanut butter.

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Happy Saturday everyone!

28 Nov 2009

Lizzie Thomas

Went to an Open House last night where Brighton based artists display/sell their work out of some generous person's home. Last night was the first one (yes, Christmas is here again) and I have fallen in love. I'm about to move into my newly renovated flat (thank god - it's been two months sleeping on a friends floor!) and have dreamt of a large black and white piece of art to go above my bed. Never thought I'd find one in my budget and now that I have I am bloody umming and ahhing about it! What is wrong with me?!?

Anyway, the piece in question is by the lovely Lizzie Thomas a recent graduate in Wood, Metal, Ceramics and Plastics, from Brighton University. Her work has been featured in Harper's Bazaar and on (one of my fav blogs) Design* Sponge among others and she recently exhibited at London's Flow Gallery. We're expecting big things from her and here I am worrying about parting with my money!

I tried to take sneaky phone pics but my camera is rubbish. The piece is a giant forest of intricate white pine trees - which Lizzie craftily created by cutting through her sketch book with a band saw (love it!) - mounted on a black background, in a white frame. My reservation - my new flat is white - white walls, white sheets, white tiles, white kitchen, white bathroom, just decided to paint my wooden bed white today. it's all white and i'm scared my first ever art purchase will get lost in the whiteness! Will let you know what I decide!

There weren't any pics of 'my' piece on her website but her are some examples of her work.

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Those that entered the house found themselves in the thick of a forest. I - Drypoint and Aquatint Etching Print. Limited edition.

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They said a king once ruled the forest

To view more from Lizzie click here.

24 Nov 2009

Blogger of the moment

If you haven't already hop over to my top blog of the moment Bliss a Porter. Her post WTF...Me + Crocs is laugh-out-loud funny (farking hilarious as Bliss would say) - nice to see a fashion blogger who doesn't take sh*t too seriously.

23 Nov 2009

Inna Minna

Minna Hepburn, mummy mastermind behind boutique label Minna, creatively combines beautiful textiles, intricate detailing, antique market finds and lace (she loves lace!) to create timeless yet contemporary pieces. Working only with Fairtrade, organic or vintage fabrics, her whimsical wonders will win you over in a heartbeat. And I'm not the only one who thinks so, the British Fashion Council has just selected Minna to take part in their mentoring programme - her mentor? Fashion genius Yasmine Sewell, Creative Director of Liberty of London. Apologise to your bank balance in advance - here's the link to her online boutique.

Below are a few of my favourite pieces from A/W 2009 and soon to be released S/S 2010.

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Maria Dress in vintage florals (above) and organic cotton and Scottish lace (below). A/W 2009.
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S/S 2010.
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Her S/S 2010 isn't available to buy online until January (and that's early for S/S) - view the full collection here and seriously start saving!

Told you it was gorgeous!

22 Nov 2009

Good things come to those who wait ...

When I said 'watch this space' I really didn't mean for you to be watching it for two months. Lots of exciting things going on at the moment and I am finally able to take the time to share them with you! So yeah, keep watching this space I guess!