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10 Oct 2010

Goodbye Jeans

A few weeks ago I sorted out my cupboard- put away summer clothes (boohoo), dug out my winter clothes (boohoo, but also why is it that I love jumpers so much?) and decided that I rely way too much on jeans. I love clothes and really believe in their power as a form of expression but I'm so damn LAZY! I don't take the time to plan and I allow myself to fall back on JEANS! I don't even feel very comfortable in jeans, they never fit me very well, I haven't yet found a pair I find really flattering, and I've shelled out money for expensive brands as well. So I've had it! I've washed my jeans and put them away. 
Now I just have to find some black trousers to replace the lazy-jeans-hole in my wardrobe.

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