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25 Aug 2010


I love the style, inventiveness and colours of Anthropologie's London shop that I decided it needed a post of its very own. I have to admit that I was already completely obsessed with Anthropologie's styling from its American website and couldn't wait to see it's first U.K. store.
I was not disappointed- I know it has huge financial backing and is very slick in its enchantment of the customer all with the aim of encouraging 'lifestyle spending'....
blah, blah, retail speak, blah....
I know I'm being tricked into spending lots of money! I know!
I refuse nonetheless to give in to cynicism- there is too much creativity here, and, I believe, sincere appreciation of folk art, the handmade and the re-used not to get a little bit smitten!
(Just make sure to count to ten before buying anything!)

A good image to end on I think- it makes up part of my shopping chant: when in close proximity to lovely purchaseable things...
remember only buy what you will use up and wear out.

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