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18 Aug 2010

Beauty blogging

I've recently expanded my usual blogging circle and regular internet reads to include some blogs on cosmetics and beauty products. As you may expect if you are knowledgeable about all things blog- there are thousands of beauty orientated blogs! Here are a two that I've found useful so far:

The image above is of the book written by the two bloggers-
might be worth a read...
Both of these blogs are passionate about beauty products but always in relation to better health and a better ecological process. 'No more dirty looks' also brings fair-trade into the equation.
I love to read how human beings are creative about finding ways to compromise without giving up on some of the (admittedly largely superficial) pleasures of make-up and soft shiny hair.
We may one day realise we don't need those things but we obviously need to take it slow!
You can take the chemicals out of the nail varnish but not yet the nail varnish off the girl!

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hehe u said it sister!! xx