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6 Aug 2010

That skirt

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Got so many weird looks walking round town in this skirt but f*&^ 'em, I love it! I got it for a 5er from this awesome little man who sells second-hand & vintage clothes on the street outside his shop and then shoves all his wares back into the shop in a jumbled up mess at the end of each day. He's pretty famous around Brighton and his "shop" is always worth a quick once over.
Thanks to Steve for this quirky shot.


ABIGAIL NY said...

agreed, her dress is amazing, but obviously people will give looks when they don't get how amazing it is!


Stacy said...

I doubt that people are staring at you because they thought it was weird. More than likely, they were trying to understand what they liked so much about the mixture of seemingly opposing prints. But hey, mixing prints is the best thing you can do, especially when you can pull it off...I Die!