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14 Aug 2010

Some favourite photos, some favourite outfits.

Although I am supposed to be the focus here (always the attention seeker..) I have to highlight my Caspar's amazing shirt here next to me. So stylish, as ever, my darling Cas.

The DVF dress I wore to my lovely and amazing friend Mela's wedding to fantastic Jamie. As in Jamie is fantastic- he is not a superhero, no matter how much he may wish he were. He is super though, I'll give him that. Mela and Jamie's wedding was brilliant- moving, hilarious, beautiful and so much fun. I also loved wearing this bright DVF cotton dress that I found on Ebay and that my Maman lovingly ironed for me on the morning of- thank you Maman! All in all, one of my favourite ever days.

Now that I look back at these outfits, that...wait for it...my Nan knitted!- one for each of us cousins, in contrasting colours!!!- I can see that this was a hell of a lot of work and a labour of love. So good and so bad all at the same time- if only you could see that we are all wearing knitted skirts that match! That's me on the right btw..
New Yawk with my beautiful boy.

New YAWK! I spent most of the trip bundled up in a navy pea coat that I love and that I found in a charity shop- one of my favourite ever finds. I LOVE a good pea coat. AND my favourite ever trousers from Zara- I know- not ethical in any way. They are one of my wear-them-to-death items though and I made sure to look at every Fairtrade alternative before buying them. I'm trying my best but the fashion world is still catching up to our ethical demands.
Catch up already!

In Pittsburgh at the wedding of a long-time family friend- the gorgeous and fabulous Kamala. Both my boy and I are wearing all vintage- found on Ebay and in various charity shops.

Ahem...me later that day...post-wedding...bowling! Ladylike? I was trying! (I was also quite squiffy from champagne, which does improve your bowling- as you may have suspected.)
Most of these picture are taken by my very talented sister- thank you Loulou!

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