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16 Nov 2010

Fashion Hysteria and Controlling the Urge to Splurge

About six times a year I turn into a crazy person. I become possessed by a desperate urge to frantically tear through the shops and spend money I don't have on clothes I don't need (something I have already documented here). I spend hours trailing through less-than-ethical websites imagining the outer limits of my fabulocity in all the gorgeously cheap clothes available at a click of a button ("if only I had that dress my wardrobe would be complete". Sound familiar?). There was a time when I would allow myself to satiate the cravings created by cunning teams of marketers but those times are no more. So, how do I keep the urge to splurge on fast fashion under wraps?

1. Avoidance. I stay away from the highstreet and the websites I can't say no to.

1a. If it's too late and I find myself in a shop or on a site about to check out I Stop (yes with a capital S), walk away (or close the site), breathe and realise I'm ok without it!

2. Charity Shops help to take the edge off. I often hit up my local Shelter or Oxfam where a granny chic tea dress for under a tenner regulates my heart rate. Plus it doesn't count if it's for charity!

3. I swish! I have started swishing. Basically attending clothes swap parties where due to a combination of alcohol and adrenaline I unleash my inner crazy on the rails of other peoples' clothes and have come away with some serious gems. More on that later.

4. If I really do have a hole in my wardrobe I look for an ethical alternative. There is a lot to choose from; Fair Trade, Upcycled, Recycled, Vintage and second hand. Spending time seeking something out makes a purchase all the more special.

5. Another good tip is to put items you LOVE on hold or make a wishlist online. Walk away and come back to it later. I have to relent and say it's ok to buy something you really love, even if it is from the highstreet, if you think it really will be something you'll love forever. but don't use this as an excuse to buy whatever you want!! Em and I will be compiling a list on how to be more ethically aware when shopping on the high street at a later date.

Hope this helps!

Emma H xx

PS I don't really use the word 'fabulocity' - I'm just highlighting the ridiculousness of my desire to buy everything. Don't judge.

Update: I took a vow of abstinence from the highstreet in August so I don't buy from any highstreet chain stores any more. For a shopaholic like me it's not always easy but it's proving to be very rewarding and forcing me to be more creative.


Isquisofrenia said...

oh hahhah yeah i remmeber you
and you know what you rememind me a bit of bejoi phillips
or whatever you spell her name!

Emma J said...

You said it all perfectly...this is EXACTLY how I feel sometimes! Good tactics- staying away from any kind of magazine with a woman on the cover also helps me!