Emma H

Emma J


15 Nov 2010

Sunday Swishing

Swishtini! It was pink and tasted of pineapple...what's not to like?!
Preparing the swishing rails ready for us to devour them like locusts. Thrifty locusts...
Swishtinis and afternoon tea before the hunt begins.
The Landsdowne Place Hotel bar, where the event was held.
A glamorous browser
Em H. in action!
The 'I found treasure!' face
This is the face both of us were making when we had to outrace someone to an item- Swishing Anxiety!
Em H. looking fab in her new swished blue silk romper- is romper the right word?! She looked FAB in it whatever it's called....
Me with my swishing hoard...I left with more than I brought! good swishing but not so good for my our overflowing flat.. Can I also just mention my current favorite scarf as worn in this picture- an amazing alpaca one from People Tree's last winter collection...wonder if they have a version this year...?
The crazy lime yellow 80's mac that I love and probably completely falsely believe I can get away with!
Oh yeah! I can totally rock this bright yellow coat thing! I am THAT cool! hmmmm....


Emma H said...

hahah you SO are that cool!!

Emma H said...

PS that face I'm making ... I am swallowing a LOT of pride here allowing that one to stay on the blog!!! It does perfectly illustrate the moment though. just gotta breathe.

Bliss said...

Emmas you both are just sooooo cute