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11 Nov 2010


I've discovered a new fairtrade, environmentally conscious, development orientated, craft loving website! Just about everything Em&Em look for in a bookmarkable website.
Please excuse the grainy photos- I couldn't take them off the Ecostasy site (despite being sick to death of the vague and ubiquitous word 'eco', I'm quite liking this name..) so I had to borrow off Google images. Definitely go and check out the knitted pillows, the jewellery- very simple, very stylish- and the basketry- so beautiful.
If I weren't stuck in the minimum wage job+large family at Christmas conundrum I'd be buying some 'labyrinth pillows' and as many baniwa baskets as I could manage!
Even as a cash-strapped blogger I can recommend reading their sourcing principles- they are exactly the kind of informative tid-bits that actually specify what all this fair trade effort is about!

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