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24 Nov 2010

Chance Recycled Denim Handbag

This is the bag that won the Ecouterre Recycled Denim Challenge and, for those of you who appreciate a London accent, it is WELL nice. Designed by Miranda Chance, each bag is hand woven from strips of recycled* denim and trimmed with material from old leather coats. Even better news, it is now available for purchase from the inhabitat shop for a mere $200.
But, if $200 isn't in your budget, this coming Cyber Monday** the Inhabitat Shop is offering an exclusive 2 DAY FLASH HALF PRICE SALE on this la-la-la-lovely bag! Sale starts at 9am on Monday November 29. If you want to reserve one of these and are interested in pre-ordering email the inhabitat peeps at inhabitat@gmail.com.

* I think it's actually upcycled rather than recycled

** To be honest didn't have a bloody clue what cyber monday is but apparently it "is a marketing term for the Monday immediately following Black Friday, the Friday following
Thanksgiving Day in the United States." Thanks wikipedia!!

PS Chance also entered this bag into the competition - which i LOVE and voted for. It also stirred up a pretty interesting debate in the comments which I couldn't resist taking part in ... read it here.

Emma H xx

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Stacy said...

This reminds me of the recycled seatbelt bags that were a big craze in the US in 2000-2003. Since then I have not lived there, so do not know whether these are as big a hit as they were then. However, I still have mine, tucked away in the closet.