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12 Jul 2010

A summer's night on my (imaginary) porch

The combination of warm summer nights, the absence of a garden and a very hectic few weeks have left me longing for a beautiful old wooden front porch. Ideally the porch would be attached to a clapboard house painted a soft petrol blue colour and would be filled with comfy white furniture and lots of wild tropical plants. Did I mention the gin and tonic?
I can recommend Juniper Green Organic Gin!

Eddie Ross and Jathan Kochar's gorgeous porch featured in Lonny Mag. They are responsible for the genius idea (below) of hanging framed pictures outside their door as well.

And this is how I would look on my porch- relaxed, elegant, boho chic! With all the talent of these two as well- they are an amazing wedding photography duo- check them out here- and if I had squillions of pounds I would have them at my wedding (as well as giving generously to MANY charities of course).
Sources: Lonny Magazine, Lonny Magazine, The Pullman State Historic Site, and the last five are all from designsponge- thanks for the inspiration!

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