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2 Jul 2010

Colour my gaze

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Wearing old Gap top, vintage skirt from Oxfam, a mixture of charity shop necklaces, Kenzie shoes.

I have a love hate relationship with this outfit. On the one hand this orange knit top is one of my favourites and even though it’s from Gap – not the most ethical company by any stretch of the imagination – I literally wear it to death – with everything. I bought these platforms years ago and they've always been a fav, they'e literally on their last legs. Found this skirt for 2.99 in my local oxfam shop and thought they would work perfectly together and they do but i dunno – is it just too loud?? i know we’re all supposed to be wearing varying shades of beige at the minute but i’m just always drawn to brights. Wearing colour literally brightens my day.

Credit: Steve George Photography - visit his blog to see more of his gorgeous images.

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The CultureCynic said...

this is very cuteeee!