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17 Jul 2010

Imaginary porch 2- how to make your porch sustainable

So now that I have my imaginary porch, attached to my imaginary wooden clapboard house, I want to deck it out ( pun intended!) in some cool, comfortable outside furniture. And obviously,
as is always the Emmas' goal, in a way that is environmentally sustainable, even environmentally beneficial and very importantly also Fairtrade.
I could go the bright neon route with these repurposed cinema chair's from Nigel's Eco Store:

Expensive, but you could move it into the house when the weather turns and it would look amazing against both a white wall or a white clapboard exterior wall!
I found a website called The Low Impact Initiative which has a lot of info and recommends several paint brands for wooden houses.
A British brand called Osmo featured on the site have
a lovely greyish blue called 'Dove Blue' that would suit me just fine.
I love the cinema rocker but I think that I would go for some 50's industrial warehouse style Emeco chairs made from recycled plastic bottles

I would be tempted to go for the green colour and then pair it with the aluminium rocker designed by one of Emma H's favorite's- Mr Starck.

Now add some cushions from the ever faithful Etsy- I love these ones made out of souvenir

Throw in a grey Fairtrade and recycled wool throw and a creamy organic lambswool throw both from Ecocentric.

Finally to really make sitting out late at night listening to the night I would add as many fairy lights as I could afford! Powered by the sun and again from Nigel's lovely store:

To create the sort of happy feeling I get from the photograph of this wedding on Oncewed:

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Oh I do love me a Starck.