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5 Jul 2010

Race For Life Brighton

To my shame, I've never participated in a charity race so I was excited when my Mum suggested that me, her and my sister walk the 5K Race for Life in Brighton's Stanmer Park. We were 3 of over 3000 women who walked this past Saturday raising over £200,000 for Cancer Research. It was a beautiful sunny day out amongst the Downs and really moving to see so many women joining forces. I become emotional when witnessing any kind of group effort- choirs, rescues, charity events- so I was quite teary at the sight of the sea of pink-clad ladies.

Every participant was encouraged to wear a pink sign on their back explaining who they were running for- reading over and over again how many people were running for their grandmothers, mothers, brothers, sisters, best friends.....
it was heartbreaking.
At least we were all out there though, hoping there wouldn't be so many pink signs in the future.

Fund-raising-collaborating-walking-pink-wearing-women as far as the eye can see.

My sister and me just before the finish line- look at all those teeth! We completed the 5k in a leisurely 1h01minute- we were talking most of the time! And we raised £300 for Cancer Research. The memory of all that goodwill and optimism will keep me going for quite a while.

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