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30 Apr 2010

Tile Bravery

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My new love for mismatched tiles blossomed whilst in India. It is something they seem to do out there with a certain aplomb that I am certain never to achieve in quite the same way. This scan from the latest UK Elle Decoration provides a really clever way of putting together mismatched tiles ... as long as you have a few of each. It seems like a great way to both recycle and add interest to your home in one go. I have to say though i can't even imagine how many hours it would take trying to find tiles that 1. go together in some way 2. are a similar size and 3. that you like! Oh well ... I'll start collecting now for the next house :).

Source: Elle Decoration May 2010 - personal scan
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Dannie said...

i love the mismatched tiles too, what a great photo!

Leslee said...

That's incredibly beautiful.