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20 Apr 2010

Björn to wear Clogs

I stand up at work, ALL day long, 5 days a week if I'm lucky, sometimes more and today, for the tiniest split second I allowed myself to dream of crossing over to the dark side. When I say dark side I am of course referring to the land of croc wearing freaks (sorry if you're a croc wearing freak, yes, I know they're sooo comfy and all, but really come ON). So, instead I am contemplating crossing over to the land of CLOG wearing freaks (like Alexa Chung of 'I wanna sex ya Alexa' fame for example). However whilst Alexa's are Chanel mine will be well, Cheaper. Like £34.00 cheaper. And orthopaedic to boot! Come ON Grandma!!

(I'm liking these Annie sandals but can't decide on a colour ... too many to choose from.)

Based in Scarborough, northern England, Björn Clogs are a family run business who make all their clogs on site. So for all us lucky things on this side of the Atlantic that means home-grown footwear that's easy on the air miles.

Click here to find some clogs of your own ... just a word of warning, the website ain't too pretty, but we like 'em anyway.

Thanks to Zoe over at makin' and baking for pointing these out to me ;).

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Bliss said...

Common Grandma!!!!!