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17 Apr 2010

Crochet where it's not supposed to be

I've toyed with the idea of writing about the mooncup on Musings but having so far given up on that idea thought I'd go for the slightly less controversial moonbasket instead. I discovered these guys on DtoI (as with most things) and am desperately thinking of ways I can get two of their lampshades into my home and covering my bare naked light bulbs PRONTO. Any suggestions??

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Am personally lusting after the peacock in natural for my living and bed rooms.
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God I feel greedy sometimes but these gorgeous shades are all crocheted by hand (of course there is no other way!) and support a community project in South Africa. Buy me one pls! Anyone ??


Bliss said...

Mooncup = massive dislike
Moonbasket = massive LIKE

Where is DtoI?? I want some for my place tooo!!

Stacy said...

I am going to send this to my grandmother. She is one of the most creative women I know. She recently crocheted little angels and balls, and starched them, as Christmas ornaments.