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25 Feb 2010

Denim desires

I'm still a one chair household. ok two technically but only one has a cushion. and believe me, they need cushions.

It's been 3 months - time for a couch!

This denim one caught my eye whilst scrolling DtoI (this will forever be my abbreviation of Desire to Inspire). It reminds me of my perfect man - big and strong, yet cosy and humble - with a slight quirk.

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Never in my wildest did I think I'd actually FIND a denim covered delight but as i was strolling through Spiral charity shop this afternoon I was stopped in my tracks by A DENIM COVERED DELIGHT. So fingers crossed that the lovely gentleman who does steam cleaning for the shop gives me the thumbs up for removal of the GINORMOUS stains on both arms and then, this Saturday I will own a faded denim couch!! No matter that my real perfect man doesn't like denim (on couches) - he is currently, well, not here, so denim couch it is! Whoo hoo!!


Bliss said...

FIND! Cant wait to see the denim delight!

Vivi's Best said...

no better way to describe either a man OR a couch..