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18 Apr 2010

Think Act Vote

Calling all residents of the UK! Its time to cast your vote. The deadline for registering to vote in the upcoming general election is April 20th. GET YOUR SKATES ON!

Click here to register.

Think your vote isn't important? Go here to find out why it is.

You can make a difference.

Take a look:
The Green Party
The Lib Dems

Artwork by Holly Berry for Think Act Vote.

PS I'm not trying to influence anyone just think we should all vote!

*EDIT: Ok scrap that, i AM trying to influence people! If you don't vote you miss out on one damn important time to have your say and make a difference in the country you live in. I'm sick of hearing people saying that their vote won't make a difference. Well of course it bloody won't if you don't use it!! It's our time to choose. Use your power wisely!

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