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5 Dec 2009

Lina Rennell "Sheepskins"

I'm funny about fur and as a strict meat avoider have often found myself in a fuddle over whether the two vintage sheepskins on my floor are acceptable (I also have leather shoes and accessories - it's a toughie). I have always believed that vintage or antique furs and leathers are o.k. and that if an animal is killed for food then nothing should be wasted thus rendering leather o.k. for me to wear. I also have nothing against people eating meat who have raised and killed an animal themselves and make use of every part of the animal. So yes, the debate continues in my head. Anyway the whole point of all this animal-talk is that I have found the perfect compromise to my sheepskin dilemma.

Bring on Beklina who directed my attention to Lina Rennell's ingenious invention. Her faux sheepskin throws - which fuse undyed organic wool onto an organic cotton backing - are a dead ringer for the real deal. Seeing as I'm finally moving into my flat tomorrow (hurrah!!!) one of these (the largest one please!) is definitely making its way onto my birthday/Christmas list.

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More on Lina here.

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