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24 Jun 2009

A Glimpse at FINSK

I owe susie bubble big time for nicking her hard-earned preview of these incredible FINSK shoes from the 'Skylab' A/W 09 collection. I had to. I can't even talk after looking at them! I KNOW they are going to be exxie but I am saving ... I HAVE to get a pair. I've never felt quite like this about a pair of shoes - ever.

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Anonymous said...

oh my gosh!
i think i just had a shoe gasm no lie!
the first pair the colors are...perfectly complmentary to one another, but duhh!! im sure the designer knew that..how much are they? i want a pair-the first ones of course i LOVERRrr stand out shoes
get back to me
i need to know how long i need to push off starvation for these badboys haha

Emma O said...

Well they're not on sale yet buuut going by prices for her current season shoes they're gonna be at least £300. :l it's not a pretty price but OMG - i want both pairs!!!